CMS Website

We are leading web development company in vasai,virar. we  build professional & responsive website for clients as well as control and manage the contents within the website. We have experienced web designers & developers who personally build your website, creating a user friendly interface for customers to access clients’ products, this way we make all visitors clients and in turn generate revenue. We make sure you contents are updated regularly to provide customers with recent updates on clients’ brands and products.We are one of the top digital marketing agency & web development service provider in mumbai, tend to believe in providing excelling web solutions to our clients.

Ecommerce Website

Web Technologies Group is leading  E-Commerce development service provider in Mumbai. We create an online shopping website for you with features like- product images where your products are displayed for everyone to view and make a choice, description of your products, manage and accept your orders, tracking of order status, customer details and customer relationship management.


We specially organize a collection of relevant data and information, for rapid search and retrieval by customers on the website. We have experts who designs and setup databases, queries, optimization, help and consultation services regarding your databases and backup.


This is the process of developing and implementing various sets of instructions to enable a computer to do a certain task.We develop instructions, that is, computer programs which will enable the computer to operate smoothly.We will help solve all well programming and logic problems as we have specialists in all programming languages.

Desktop based application

We develop desktop based apps (i.e. apps that can be operated on a desktop or laptop computer without requiring a browser) for running the business more efficiently and effectively.

Support & IT

We also render any other IT support to meet your needs as quick as possible be it Mobile, Desktop/Laptop or Server/Hosting problems. Give us a trial and you will get the best.

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